Pat Hynes 1923 - 2000

Pat Hynes worked as a cataloguer / packer at Marks & Co for many years. He was with the firm to the bitter end and indeed it was his note slipped into the last consignment of books to be posted from the shop that Helene Hanff recalls in her book Q's Legacy.

"This was the last parcel I packed up before the firm closed down. Pat"

Another of Pat's 'duties' was to unpack the food parcels sent by Helene to the staff who, in the early 1950's were enduring post war rationing!

Well liked and respected by his customers Pat led a seemingly solitary life in which his job was the most important element.

Pat subsequently worked for St. Martin's Prints in nearby Cecil Court, he died in June 2000.

Pat Hynes opens the 'false bookcase' door at '84'.

Footnote: I'm surprised that Helene Hanff used a pseudonym for Pat since he was clearly able to be contacted at the time the book was written.