George Anthony M. Plummer - Born 30th December 1898. Died Spring 1959

Although not mentioned in any of Helene Hanff's books George Plummer was an important part of Marks & Co. He ran the Occult and Freemasonry Department from a small office on the third floor.

Despite his encyclopedic knowledge of the 'Craft' Plummer was not a Freemason since, as a Roman Catholic membership of any secret Society would have been deemed inappropriate. He would not however have been barred from becoming a mason as Leo Mark's book suggests, more likely he was committed to his faith and acted accordingly. This did not prevent him from becoming an Honorary Adviser to the United Grand Lodge and he also tutored Ben Marks in the initiation rites for a Master Mason.

Plummer had worked for Bolletter & Co, booksellers of New Compton Street around 1913 but the firm ceased trading within a couple of years. He subsequently served in the Royal Navy from March 1917 to April 1919, spending the entire period on a land based training ship the HMS Pembroke. Quite when he joined Marks & Co is not known but it is believed that he was still with the firm well into the 1950's and as late as 1957 The Society of Antiquarian Booksellers Employees (The Bibliomites) noted that Mr. Plummer gave a talk on bibliography at one of their monthly meetings held at the Cock and Lion in Wigmore Street, London on September 25th.

George Plummer was a rather serious man so much so that The Bibliomites recorded in their newsletter (Biblionotes) Number 12 - Spring 1957 that "To Mr Plummer's mind the Bibliomites concentrate too much on social frivolities", following comments that he had made at the Society's Annual General Meeting that year.