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Name: Ann Lynn - 2005-10-30 11:10:13
E-Mail: Ann Lynn
Comments: I have known this name which called "84, Charing Cross Road" for a long time, and I finally got Chinese version of the book in this noon. I read it under the sunshine of autumn and feel warm from this book.
I like this kind of bookstore, it give me the feeling of home,which the super bookshop never give to me.
Although the bookstore doesn't exist now, I hope I will visit there one day for the people who really enjoy in the books.
Thanks~~ ^__^

Name: Linda J. Hoover - 2005-10-24 18:15:35
E-Mail: Linda J. Hoover
Comments: Hello,
I am part of a postal letterboxing ring in which we are all doing a hand carved rubber stamp and short story about a movie that most of us as women in the ring can relate to as a love story.
Although this story is a bit different as love stories go, I felt that this movie had to be recognized again to the next generation of women that might have never viewed this movie.
I am personally looking for the book
"84 Charing Cross Road" and if anyone knows of a copy that might be available please send me an email and the following information to acquire this book.
Your site is of great value and I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you for your time and also allowing a guest book.


Linda J. Hoover * aka
BT Books * Bookcrossing.com
Bun Traveler * Postcrossing.com

Name: oceano - 2005-09-19 03:00:48
Comments: es un libro precioso...realmente merece la pena

Name: Iris - 2005-09-11 17:25:05
E-Mail: Iris
Comments: This is an unbelievable book about an unbelievable friendship(?) which last for so long and moved me so much.
well, i'm just looking for the english version of it, does there anyone know it?

Name: Tomek - 2005-09-05 23:20:07
E-Mail: Tomek
Comments: swietny blog, zapraszam do siebie na http://www.jazwiniak.com !

Name: Graham Price - 2005-08-28 05:59:32
E-Mail: Graham Price

Well, this is what I get from snooping around second-hand bookshops! The reason 84 Charing Cross took my eye was because of my family history research into Marks, who were around the Soho area early 1800s (close to Charing Cross). Am I related to Ben Marks? I don't know at this stage, but I immediately bought the book and was fascinated, moved to tears and racked with laughter. Now I am hooked on 84, and am going out to find a copy for my niece. If and when I come to London I shall be heading for Charing Cross Road. Best wishes to the continued success of your wonderful web-site -- from Melbourne, Australia.


Name: muggle - 2005-08-21 16:44:59
E-Mail: muggle
Comments: Thank Hanff and the bookshop,I read the book last night ,they moved my soul so much...

Name: Grace - 2005-08-13 22:04:39
E-Mail: Grace
Comments: I have read the chinese version of the book,but i want to read the english version,where can i download it?I like it very much.Can you help me?

Name: Maureen Clark - 2005-08-06 18:38:24
E-Mail: Maureen Clark
Comments: I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a trip to Paris recently. By mistake, I found Shakespear & Co (another famous book store) and picked up 84 Charing Cross Road. I read a few pages and knew I held something special in my hands. That night, I read the book in my hotel room (too much walking - feet hurt) and as music floated in my windows, I was totally captivated by these people. This book fed my soul and lives on in your heart.

Name: Victoria Nash - 2005-08-05 03:12:19
E-Mail: Victoria Nash
Comments: What a lovely site you have! Thank you for keeping the spirit alive.
Thought you might like to know that 84 Charing Cross lives again in Cleveland, Ohio at an antiquarian bookshop named 84 Charing Cross Bookstore.
The owners, Jeffrey and Sandra Inskeep-Fox, had their own correspondence with Helene Hanff before she passed away. The store was named in honor of both Marks & Co. and Helene's lovely book.
You may visit on-line at charingcross@speakeasy.net.

Name: Max - 2005-07-23 13:52:16
Comments: Subject has cropped up again, recently, in a <a hef="http://grans-on-bran.blogspot.com/2005/07/84-charing-cross-road.html">blog</a>. :-)

Name: Priscilla Cardenas Pagtakhan - 2005-07-23 04:19:47
E-Mail: Priscilla Cardenas Pagtakhan
Comments: Such a beautiful experience , moving and so eternally beautiful that it moved my soul..I gave a copy in (French edition) to a loved one whom I have known 26 years ago when we reunited in Europe just this month.. he also loved it, and so bittersweet since it is like our love story...We are both happily married and yet we are friends and one thing we always shared are good books.. I will again give a copy to a friend one day and I know they will feel the same emotions I felt the first time I read it 15 years ago...
Everytime I feel sad I read the book over and over again while listening to Pachebels Cannon in D... Thank you for letting me share.

Name: peiwenliu- 2005-07-21 07:17:44
E-Mail: peiwenliu
Comments: I'm a Chinese.I like reading too.

Name: Javi (Madrid - Spain) - 2005-07-12 12:36:56
Comments: 84 Charing Cross Road es uno de mis libros favoritos

Name: Ricky Li - 2005-06-26 15:58:26
Comments: Hi i am a reader from china ,so glad ot get this book ,2 days agao i find on online store chinese edition .so decied buyit . i ever watch this monvie WOW so great actor and actress .this story reminds we shopping onlnie ,just wewrite email .yuo never know who service to you :) great book i wil keep it so careful .
takecare to everyone ! oneday i hope i could visit to london !

Name: George Lush
E-Mail: George Lush
Comments: 84 Charing X Rd was bought for me by a colleague - I have done the same for others. This makes you part of a "family" of admirers of the book and so it was nice to hear that 84 copies of 84 C X Rd have been left(on park benches and bus shelters) on both sides of the Atlantic to be read and passed on to others with a phone number to record the reader's thoughts. The results I believe will be aired on BBC4 on Tues 3rd May as 'book crossing'. Yours is a charming site and please take pride in having created it.

Name: Maurice Vidowsky
E-Mail: mauricevidowsky
Comments: I am a Publisher but I grew up with Mary Sheilah and the Doel family in London I would like to be in touch.Perhaps we could work together on this in some way.I would love to here from Mary. Regards MauriceVidowsky

Name: Angela Garry
E-Mail: Angela Garry
Comments: Congrats on how the site has shaped up, Steve! I'm still working on re-vamping my Helene Hanff site at http://www.helenehanff.com, and hope to have it uploaded sometime soon. Wil include a link to your site for those who want to read more about those at the bookshop. Thanks!

Name: Stacey Severn
E-Mail: ssevern@candlewood.net
URL: http://www.candlewood.net/
Comments: What a joy to stumble upon your website! "84 Charing Cross Rd." is my FAVORITE book of all times. I can't tell you how many times I've read this book, and given it as a gift to people I hold dear. It was wonderful to see the photos of the shop, and of the people, and read about them! This site is obviously a labor of love, and has provided me (and other readers, I'm sure) with a lot of pleasure!

Name: Van Taylor
E-Mail: vantaylor34@msn.com
Comments: A great site indeed. '84' brings back such good memories.


Name: Donna O'Leary
E-Mail: d.oleary@comcast.net
Comments: I recently saw this movie for the second time. I absolutely adore it and want it for my own, so I can watch it over and over.I would love to find someone in England to have as a pen pal. In 2003 I spent a week in London and cannot wait to go back. My entire home is filled with English antiques. This made me feel even more part of the story, relating to the surroundings. Thank you for this wonderful website.


Name: Helene R.
E-Mail: helenefr046@aol.com
Comments: I have seen this movie several times, not only because my names is Helene, but I adore the great actress; Anne Bancroft. The movie is delightful and so uplifting. I saw it twice this week already! Such a lovely site to hightlight something so cheery and a movie about good reading habits.

Name: Tom Palmer
E-Mail: tpalmer2@tampabay.rr.com
Comments: Visited London about 3 years ago, fell in love with Charing Cross Station. On TV this evening, saw something like 84 Charing Cross Road. What a Godsend. Fabulous acting, splendid story, nostalgia galore. As if this wasn't enough, entered Helene Hanff into my browser and, among the 250 websites listed, I find yours. I am overwhelmed and, at 79, I find there is still much simple pleasure in this world that has gone mad on new mode, new speech, new MISconduct.
Tom Palmer
Tampa, FL

Name: Monae Doyle
E-Mail: Southernmush@aol.com
Comments: I always love to see the movie 84 Charing Cross Road.I only wish I had the book to read that would really be great. 84 Charing Cross Road is a delightful old movie. Being a 28 year old its a shame that I never got a chance to write to Helene Hanff or Frank Doel. In seeing the movie I think they were wonderful people. If you know someone who could send me the book please let me know...

Name: Nadav
E-Mail: nady@rocketmail.com
Comments: Your web site is amazing, I realy enjoyed reading all the content, after reading 84 Charing Cross - the Book so many times...THANK YOU!!!

Name: Gloria
E-Mail: rubensgram@comcast.net
Comments: I love your website. It's nice to see pictures of the real people. Thanks so much

Name: Andy
E-Mail: andyf_65@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.londonwell.com/
Comments: You are doing well with your site, good luck!
I invite to visit www.londonwell.com

Name: Suhra Ub
E-Mail: suhraub@hotmail.com
Comments: I first watched the movie. i then bought the book.
life is more wonderful when you realized that such
friendship do exist. i love helene hanff. i love frank
doel. i love old books. thanks for the great website.

Name: Katy Selby
E-Mail: katy.selby@btinternet.com
Comments: I saw this film for the first time yesterday and thought it was marvellous. In today's modern age with the internet and email seemingly taking over, it was a delightfully refreshing change to see communication in the form of letters once again take pride of place. I thought the cast, their performances and the story all superb and I would like to say how nice it is to find a site that celebrates this delightfully sweet old fashioned film. Lovely!

Name: Erika L Wong
E-Mail: elwong@pacbell.net
Comments: What a fantastic site. I enjoyed it so! What a pity that it has closed its doors. Please keep this site updated Steve. Add more stuff!!!

Name: j
E-Mail: I@i.c
URL: http://www.internetnewsdaily.com/
Comments: great site

Name: Elisabeth & Keith Hatcher
E-Mail: bethkeithh@xtra.co.nz
Comments: What a great site! We were involved in a production of '84' a few years ago, and loved everything about it. I wrote to HH and received a delightful reply, still much treasured. And we are not the only ones in NZ who have appreciated her work!

Name: Lorraine Jones
E-Mail: matey_51@xtra.co.nz
Comments: It seems as if I'm the only HHfan from New Zealand! Surprises me in the guest book just how many men are fans. Would have thought that women would predominate somehow.
Have just found this website, and just started reading through it, am delighted to come across it. Shall pass it on to a librarian friend and fan. Keep up the good work and thankyou.

E-Mail: AGIZI@xtra.co.nz
Comments: Whet happy memories of getting a reply from HH after I wrote to her...

Name: Becky Grove
E-Mail: rgrove@eng.ysu.edu
Comments: This past summer when I had the chance to visit London, I made sure my friend and I went to 84 Charing Cross Rd. After having performed in a production of it, I felt so humbled to actually stand upon the site. I also thank you for this site and how it is helping to bring together those who have been touched by the store and story.

Name: john amaglo
E-Mail: talk4amalo@yahoo.com
Comments: welldone

Name: James Michael Calderone
E-Mail: jimcal@totalswing.com
URL: http://www.totalswing.com/jim
Comments: Just heard about this site on BBC World. What a wonderful site. My partner and I decided to meet at 84 charing cross road back in 1995,... Oct 14, 12:22 to be exact. After starting a long distance relationship we felt it a fitting place for a first kiss.

To Helen and Frank...

Name: meenhal
E-Mail: meenhal_m@hotmail.com
Comments: hi!i really enjoy how this is devolopt and thanks to all who have participated in making this website a great greek like!

Name: jan gutterson
E-Mail: jgutterson@earthlink.net
Comments: Am looking forward to a trip to London in September - can't wait to walk along Charing Cross Road and to feel a part of the saga.

Name: Barbara Brenner
E-Mail: bbrenner4@yahoo.com
Comments: I am a devoted fan of Helene Hanff and have just finished watching the movie for about the 12th time. It took me months to find a copy of the Helene Hanff Omnibus, and I am having a wonderful time reading it. I'm currently reading "Apple of My Eye" and loving it.

This is a wonderful site and I have read every single word on it. Thanks again.

Name: Colin Burgess
E-Mail: GBG8EWL@aol.com
URL: http://www.webspawner.com/users/hornseyans
Comments: Site going from strength to strength.

Hornsey County School site now at above address for those who may want to follow information on Frank Doel's old school.

Name: Worthy Ray Warnack
E-Mail: worthy@kingwoodcable.net
Comments: The books and the "84" movie have been such a pleasure to me. Years ago Ms. Hanff answered my fan letter with one of her famous "cards"--displaying that wonderful criptic sense of humor. You can imagine what she did with this name of mine!

If all goes well, wife Jody and I will visit the Plaque, and the Kinelworth this fall.

Please-- anyone E-mail me with other Halene locations of interest.

Thanks for the website. It's great!

Best regards Steve,


Name: Stephen Hutchings
E-Mail: stevehutchings@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments: Last night I saw the play at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury and have now just visited your website....both experiences were profoundly moving (and complimentary). Thank you so much for this web site, it's beautifully put together.

Name: Laura L. Bodon-Campbell
E-Mail: laura@AnglophileBooks.com
URL: http://anglophilebooks.com/
Comments: Thank you very much for letting me know about wonderful your site. I have had a lovely visit. I already have a list of other people to share it with and will certainly come back again. Perhaps a section about Helene Hanff and a list of her books would be a welcome addition to the site? I thought the memoir "Duchess of Bloomsbury Street" telling of her visit to England was very enjoyable.

Name: Brian McLean, Budapest
E-Mail: bmcln@hotmail.com
Comments: I much enjoyed your site. What a loss to London Marks's was. I think the car Doel bought in 1952 was a Morris---telltale cream bun-shaped windows. The length of the bonnet suggests a mighty engine for the period

Name: Gerard Hand
E-Mail: ghand62@hotmail.com
Comments: A nice site and an interesting read. It was especially nice to put faces to the characters. Well done and thanks.

Name: Joan Draper, Bookseller
E-Mail: jdraper@vaxxine.com
Comments: I have a lecture series each winter in Niagara-on-Lake, Ont. Canada and a few years ago Helene Hanff was my subject. Although some of the participants had never heard of her, it was a joy to hear their hearty laughter when I read her letters to Frank Doel. She has left us a wonderful legacy.

Name: Allison Wade
E-Mail: chained@juno.com
Comments: Thank you so much for your wonderful site. The pictures of the shop and the ephemera actually move me to tears. I will return often to see updates, or just reread favorite parts.

Name: Martha Galbraith
E-Mail: momcat_@houston.rr.com
Comments: Thanks ever so much for your wonderful site.It's truly a labor of love .

Name: Karen Barrett
E-Mail: charli@strato.net
Comments: as always, a treat to find a site about HH. Good job. (Karen, Florida, USA 23/Feb/04)

Name: Burgess Clark
E-Mail: samthemannyc@yahoo.com
Comments: Lovely sight. This has long been one of my favorite books and films. Perhaps you could include a chapter on Helene Hanff as well...?

Name: Andy Green
E-Mail: ajg858@hotmail.com
Comments: It is so scary how this little story of a book shop sucked me into the lives of Helene Hanff and Frank Doel. I look up all the names that are mentioned Ms. Hanffs books and just find more facinating stories of all the people Miss Hanff came in contact with, both in New York and London. There is a book shop in Cleveland, Ohio called "84 Charring Cross Road" and they also have a web sight. Blessings to all.

Name: Carl Sigurdsen
E-Mail: carlanns@telusplanet.net
Comments: I am presently directing this production and looking for insight into the characters.

Name: Jenny
E-Mail: jennifer@jpenn.fsbusiness.co.uk
Comments: Great site. Have been a fan of the book for a long time.

Name: Dorothy Harrison
E-Mail: dot-h@kemps.eu.org
Comments: Congratulations.
Loved the site.

Name: Donna Paulin
E-Mail: donnalp@directcon.net
Comments: I was watching PBS last night and heard the words Charing Cross. It reminded me of the book, 84 Charing Cross. I enjoyed it the first time I read it so I got it out and went to bed to read. It was even more lovely this time. Your website is wonderful but I'd love to learn more about Helen. I haven't seen the movie. Is it as good as the book?

Name: Becky
E-Mail: rgrove@eng.ysu.edu
Comments: After playing the role of Megan Wells in a production of 84, I have been fascinated by the show, the writer, and the store itself. Stumbling upon your site today was perhaps the best thing that could have happened to me. I am now looking forward to visiting 84 Charing Cross Road this spring to see for myself the place where everything happened. Thank you for brightening my day, increasing my knowledge, and firming my resolve. Thank you.

Name: Julia Linthicum
E-Mail: mizprker@yahoo.com
Comments: Thank you so much for putting up this website, so I can put names and faces together for the favorite bookshop I never had a chance to visit.

Name: Tom Fusto PE
E-Mail: rockhound1128@aol.com
Comments: A truly fine site which will be treasured by fans of Helene and 84 Charing Cross Road

Name: Michael McGinness
E-Mail: mjmcg1@btinternet.com
Comments: Sorry, but I haven't read the book or seen the film!
The reason I dropped in was because I've just read the absolutely fantastic "Between Silk And Cyanide" by Leo Marks...one of the most fascinating books I've read in years.
Some detail on Leo's life and his connection to the shop would only serve to enhance the site (congratulations on the work in progress though!)
Best wishes, I intend to read HH's book now!

Name: brian kitchen
E-Mail: frank.doel@marksandco.co.uk
URL: http://www.marksandco.co.uk/
Comments: Steve, this is brilliant, it brings the book even more to life, your efforts are very much appreciated. Please keep up the good work. I'm off to watch the DVD again. Thanks, Brian.

Name: Nici
E-Mail: panda6668@web.de
URL: http://www.nicis-shop.de/buch-buecher.htm
Comments: Hello from germany
A verry nice page

Name: Elizabeth Hansen
E-Mail: faeriedfrogs@hotmail.com
Comments: Thank you so much for an invaluable resource! I am currently playing the vivacious Helene Hanff in a college production of '84' and have learned much from your website. I recommended it to my director and fellow castmates and we'd all like to say "THANKS A LOT!" for putting faces to those we portray onstage. I'm thrilled to represent someone so influential and dynamic and you've played a large part in helping me. The show is in two weeks... "keep your fingers crossed!"

Name: Mansi
E-Mail: indiangirl143@yahoo.com
Comments: really nice book "84 Charing Cross Road"

Name: Colin Sanderson
E-Mail: artiscience@aol.com
Comments: Following your suggestion, Steve, and taking a look - it's just great to see all this enthusiasm. With a warm chuckle, and best wishes.

Name: Meg Kemp
E-Mail: mkemp@pcpostal.com
Comments: Thank you,Thank you. In our local bookstore, I accidentally stumbled on "Helen Hanff Omnibus" She led me to 84 Charing Cross Road. Like Ms Hanff, my new goal is to walk through the doors of Marks and Co

Name: Cathy Sholl-Clausen
E-Mail: DC3clausen@aol.com
Comments: This site is an absolute treat! HH has been part of my life for almost 20 years, and anything extra about no. 84, or her is a welcome find.
Thanks or providing this information!

Name: This user posted on the Guestbook and then complain that his name appeared!!
Comments: what a treat! it is better than uwrapping one of Helene's food parcels. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed seeing the staff and owners pictures and learning more about them--esp. frank doel. I visited Charing Cross in 2001, saw the plaque and bought a British edition which I read on the fight back. It was one brief step to viewing the video. Since I have been an avid HH fan and book collector/ seller. Thanks again!

Name: Kendra Millar
E-Mail: kendra_millar@hotmail.com
Comments: How wonderful. I stumbled on this site just as I was deciding to go to bed and now an hour later I am signing the guest book (something I don't do in normal surfing) I will be checking back with wishes for more and more!

Name: Shirley Collier
E-Mail: shirley.collier@btopenworld.com
Comments: I worked opposite the shop in Charing Cross Road before it actually meant anything to me. I later met Helene at a launch party for one of her books. She signed so many copies that she laughed and said the valuable ones would be the ones she hadn't signed. I was due to meet her in New York but by the time I managed to get there she had died. I stood in Central Park and said, almost the same words that she said when she finally stood in 84 Charing Cross Road. "Look, Helene, I made it!"

Name: Angel
E-Mail: angel-soul@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/angel-soul
Comments: Your site really put faces on the names I have read so many times in the book. How wonderful to see their histories as well...I'll make sure to add a link to your site from my HH page! Keep up the good work!

Name: Wilma Gilbow
E-Mail: ima10sluvr@aol.com
Comments: For a diehard HH fan like me, this site was nothing but pure pleasure for me! Good luck with your future additions to the website; I will frequent your site!

Name: Jim Duggan
E-Mail: chairman.mao@topspurs.com
URL: http://www.topspurs.com/
Comments: Entertaining site and thanks for letting me know about Frank Doel's spurs connections

Name: Angela Garry
E-Mail: angelagarry@yahoo.ie
URL: http://see%20url%20in%20comment/
Comments: Great site, Steve, and it compliments my own site on Helene Hanff (http://freespace.virgin.net/angela.garry/hanff.html) very well!!! Love the info on the Doel family, and on Daphne&Doug.

Name: Khoo Seow Kiang
E-Mail: seowkiang@yahoo.com
URL: http://web.singnet.com.sg/~skkhoo
Comments: Nice site.

Name: Theresa Hyndman
E-Mail: Topsi1208@comcast.net
Comments: The movie with Anne Bancroft & Anthony Hopkins was wonderful! I've yet to read the book but it is at the top of my list. This website is great work & does honor to Marks & Co.

Name: Aaron Miller
E-Mail: nycunc@msn.com
Comments: Thank you for your wonderful efforts on behalf of fans of Marks & Co., "84 Charing Cross Road" and Helene Hanff. The photographs of the bookshop staff were wonderful to see. Could you add one of Nora Doel as well? I think it would be most aprreciated. Again, a terrific pleasure to find this site.

Name: Holly Clarkson
E-Mail: lilclarky@msn.com
Comments: While rehearsing for a production of the brilliant story, the website helped me a great deal, especially on how to portray the character of 'Cecily' Farr. Thanks!

Name: Leslie Galliker
E-Mail: leslie229@earthlink.net
Comments: I just started your site, love it so far. I have to leave it now to continue working on my book (book proposal accepted) - my willpower was influenced by Helene Hanff. Would like to know if any readers live in New Jersey, USA. Would love some new friends with like interests.

Name: Moana Hazeldine
E-Mail: moanahazeldine@hotmail.com
Comments: Steve, I enjoyed this as much as the book! To see a photo of Frank and read more about him was such a thrill...tears to the eyes!!!! Please keep your research going!

Name: Bree Fagan
E-Mail: mommuysuz@tstonramp.com
Comments: What a find! Please continue to expand this site as you are able. and thanks....

Name: Susie Rea
E-Mail: sue.rea@mondaq.com
Comments: I think everybody else above has said what I'd like to say already - but what a superb site - it was almost like being inside the pages of Helene's book. Thank you.

Name: Colin Burgess
E-Mail: Colbab@aol.com
URL: http://g8ewl.freeyellow.com/index.html
Comments: As a former Hornsey County Grammar School Pupil[1946] it is wonderful to see another part of the history of a school that produced so many wonderful characters during its fifty years, before sadly it was closed. I will watch the site with interest. Well done

Name: Maureen Richardson
E-Mail: maureen_richardson@hen.invesco.com
Comments: Thank you for taking the trouble to create this wonderful web site.

I was lucky enough to meet Helene Hanff in the foyer of BBC House in Portland Place, London, when she was interviewed for BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour in 1992. She signed my copy of 'Letter from New York' with the inscription "To Maureen - thank you for liking my books" !! Later, as her taxi pulled away from the BBC, she turned and waved goodbye.

Only a brief interlude, but a treasured memory for me.

Name: andrea
E-Mail: ray4andrea@aol.com
Comments: What a delightful treat to read about these most familiar characters from Helene Hanff's wonderful books! Thank you for taking the time to lovingly put this together. Will there be anything about Miss Hanff?

Name: tena hazlett
E-Mail: wafflemama@yahoo.com
Comments: Steve, this is a wonderful site. I will visit frequently. As a rabid fan of anything HH, this helps until I can unpack my VCR and watch 84 for the umpteenth time. Keep up the good work.

Name: Ken Anderson
E-Mail: Kenkwa@aol.com
Comments: Thanks for this wonderful site! Being an HH fanatic, it brought a whole new insight into my love for Helene's work and the legendary 84, Charing Cross Road bookstore.

Name: Ruben Caban
E-Mail: cabanclan@aol.com
Comments: I love your site, your brief bio's and pictures are wonderfull.

Name: Simon Harvey
E-Mail: editor@arts-etc.org
URL: http://www.arts-etc.org/
Comments: It's rather startling when something as good as this just appears out of the blue. Or, at least, seems to appear out of the blue. The hard work that's gone into it is obvious. Wonderful.

Name: SueAnn Jennings
E-Mail: jere245-7@charter.net
Comments: I hadn't planned to stay so long but found that I couldn't leave till I had read every word and contemplated every picture! What a delight! The whole story has enriched my life and your lovely site added warmth to it all. Thanks for all the hard work!

Name: Janette King
E-Mail: JanetteKing@shaw.ca
Comments: Steve... thank you for a new glimpse into Marks & Co. Simply fascinating!

Name: Susan Clark Siefferman
E-Mail: SudieMagoo@aol.com
Comments: Steve, it was an absolute delight from start to finish! I am looking forward to whatever else you can add later on .. especially the part about the American actress in London! :-)
Keep 'em coming, please!

Name: M. Scott Workman
E-Mail: Savannahdude@msn.com
Comments: Steve you have done well! Helen would have loved it. I will be in London in June and I plan to visit what is left of 84 Charing Cross Roads and to gaze upon the plaque that still stands outside the doors. You have done well. Can not wait to see the rest of it when you are done.

Name: Phil Neuman
E-Mail: pjneuman@aol.com
Comments: Steve -- this is a great website. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Phil Neuman
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Name: Helen Heubi
E-Mail: helenac@vianet.ca
Comments: What a comfty browse, Steve. I enjoyed it very much.


Name: Steve Maggs
E-Mail: steve@maggs.co.uk
Comments: Well its a start!

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